Bringing Us All Together

Please contact us if anyone is interested in having a new reunion. None is planned at this time.   Please Visit to update our family tree.  Each Family Member is responsible for their updates.

Welcome all to the Arunski (Formally Jaronski) & Strychalski Family Reunion Planning Site and Family Tree Site

The Arunski Name was formally Jaronski.  We are not certain when that was changed. If anyone has that information please let us know.   Unfortunately we do not know Joannes Jaronski's Wife's maiden name  so the family tree is one sided.  If anyone out there knows her maiden name please let us know.   Also Joannes Arunski is as far back as we have tracked so far so any information on his parents would also be really helpful. 

This website goes back to John Arunski and Martha Strychalski.   John is the son of Joannes Jaronski.   We are not sure if Joannes had other children so if anyone has information please call us or e-mail. 

The last reunion held on the July 4th weekend in 2008 at Pere Marquette Lodge in Alton, Illionois was a great success.    .   

The previous reunion before the 2008 reunion  was August 7th, 1993 at Francie (Piecynski) Pridemore's house in Ohio.   

Since then many of our dear family members have been taken from us and as we all know we as family members have drifted apart and everyone is busy in their own lives. 
Sign in to the site and add your family pictures or write a few comments. Check back often to see the updates and post from other family members.  

Remember this is going to be fun and we all need to be a part of this to keep the Family together as our grandparents and parents would have wanted it. 

For current events, birthday and what happened on this day in history, click on News Feeds on the left side.   Check back often to read the news.


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