Starting January 22, 2012 we are switching the family tree to  This way everyone can enter their personal data and keep it growing.

The link is:

It is the responsibility of each family member to update their family's info to keep our tree updated.
We need to get a good family tree.   The Arunski name was formally Jaronski.  This tree will start with John and Martha Jaronski.   We do not know the name of John Arunski's Mother and could use that information.

We also need all the family members in all directions to post what they know on their own family so we can gather info to make this a reality.  Please send in your family names so we can start to make this reunion an entire family gathering.

Names in our family tree include:  Jaronski, Arunski,  Harrington, Brzytwa, Kujawinski, Barnard,  Grigravicus, Brinsky,  Rudy,  Wojciak,  Lesczynski, Volmert,  Anderson, Cassens, Barrow, Piecynski,  Oprosky,  Hornyak,  Poole, Harrington,  Holecek and many more to be added.