Reunion Has Been Cancelled
When: at
5595 Grand Dr
St. Louis, MO, MO
United States

Contact: Lori Ortbals, Donna Schoek, Trisha Dunphy, Barb Cassens, Diane Ergon or Ted Arunski
480-287-0101 (Ted's Cell),,,, 

We are sorry to announce that the 2012 Arunski Family Reunion has been Cancelled. We may try again in 2013. We are sorry for this and would like to hear any comments that may help us in the future.

The reunion was to be held July 7th and July 8th, 2012.  It Has been cancelled. We are very sorry to announce this. 

Contact: Scott Bechtel or Andy Schoeck
(314) 822-3128

The Golf Outing is in the planning stages and we will post all details very soon.  We will have some great prizes for the winners and losers.

We need all you golfers to sign up.  Call or E-Mail Scott Bechtel and he will add you to his list.