Submit your photos and we will organize them by your family name so it wil be easy for everyone to recognize your pictures.   Remember some of us have not seen family members for quite awhile so this pictures are a great way to get to know each other before the renunion.

If you family name is not listed post to Any Albums and we will create the new caption with your family name.

John and Martha Arunski's children.  They had 10 but only 7 in this photo.  Far Right (Ted Arunski)  If you can identif

Jaronski(John) / Strychalski (Martha)

Photos of John Jaronksi (Arunski) and Martha Strychalski and their siblings.  From left to right:  Adam, Stanley, John, Martha, Vic, Bill and Ted.     (These were identified by Christine Bruno) Thanks Christine!!

Missing are Stella, Felixia & Joseph.

Please upload photos of the family if you have them and identify the photos. We appreciate the help.

Cecelia (Lesczynski)Arunski with her boys.  Len, Ted, Al, Ed

Arunski, Theodore/ Cecelia Lesczynski

Theodore (Teddie) Sr  Arunski. / Cecelia Lesczynski

Alexander (Al) Arunski 
Theodore (Ted )Arunski Jr.
Martha Arunski (Piecynski)
Irene Arunski (Bulicz)
Leonard Arunski   
Edward Arunski
The 3 Ted's in St. Louis, July 2006

Arunski-Ted/ Kim (Arizona)

Ted/ Kim Arunski

Teddy Arunski IV
Adam Arunski
Britt Contini (Kim's Daughter)

Kay Arunski's Birthday

Katherine (Aunt Kay) Arunski's 75th Birthday party in St. Lous, MO on July 8, 2006.

It was a great time

Kelly, Robin, Kevin & Kelly

Arunski- Karl / Rose

Karl / Rose Arunski 

Kelly Arunski
Robin Arunski
Kevin &  Kelly Arunski

There are no photos in this album.

Arunski- David / Barbara

David/ Barb Arunski

Beth Arunski
Ben Arunski
There are no photos in this album.

Ortbals -Loretta (Arunski) / Bob

Bob/ Loretta Ortbals
There are no photos in this album.

Arunski/ Harrington

Michael Harrington- Bay Village Ohio

Parents- Ed Harrington & Martha Arunski

Bill, Pat, Kathy, Martha, (Twins- Mary Lou & Marion)
Kyle, Todd, Jeff and Stan Barnard. Sons of Diane Barnard ( Arunski )

Arunski/ Barnard

Submitted by Todd Barnard who's mother was Diane M.  Arunski and father was Ralph A. Barnard.  Diane's parents were Stanley and Jane Arunski.  Stanley was one of 10 children born too John and Martha Arunski.    

Todd/ Amy Jo Barnard

Mathew  Todd

There are no photos in this album.

Piecynski / Arunski

Chuck Piecynski and Martha (Arunski)

Children:  Monica, Tom, Mike, Colette, Francie, Mary-Ann
Teresa Rose Brinsky Arunski at 100 years old

William Arunski & Teresa Rose Brinsky

William Arunski is the son of John and Martha Arunski.  He Married Teresa Rose Brinsky and they had 3 children.   Teresa just past away at 101 on March 3rd, 2008.  
Kay Arunski

Reunion 2008

Thanks to everyone who came to the reunion. If you have any photos to share, upload them to this album.   We are also making a video of the renunion and will send it to all the attendees shortly.  If anyone else would like a copy let us know.