We are sorry to announce that the 2012 Arunski Family Reunion has been Cancelled. We may try again in 2013. We are sorry for this and would like to hear any comments that may help us in the future.

We finalized the Reunion date and location.  The location will be Forest Park in St. Louis, MO. USA.  The Dates are July 7th and 8th, 2012.  The 2010 reunion never happened and the old Reunion Committe from 2008 is back. We are going to make the 2012 reunion better then ever.  We fully expect that anyone in the Arunski Family will come and join us.   Please make it and we won't listen to excuses.  We will help make it happen for all.

On July 9th, 2006,  many of us attended the 80th birthday party for our Dear Aunt Kay Arunski  at her daugher  Donna Schoeck's house in St. Louis.   Since there were so many that did not attend,  the cousins that were there decided we needed a family reunion to revitalize our family.  Life is too fast and with our schedules, we just do not get to see our family as we should.  We drift apart and don't stay in touch.  Many in our family have passed away since the last reunion and when the parents are gone the sticky point that keeps us together is gone.  

We all need to make the reunions a big by-yearly event and we welcome new ideas and sites.  Don't be afraid to give us advice or join a committe. You are all welcome.
We are also planning a Family night at the Cardinals Baseball game on July 6th.  We will be in a picnic pavillion in Center field.  Tickets will be available on this site to purchase soon.