1. Why is there a cost to attend?
This is a difficult question and we all wish there was no cost. However there are many cost involved and it takes the fee to provide the venue, the food and drinks, activities.  It also takes money to maintain this site and it cost to promote the Reunion.
2. Why was the last reunion and this reunion in St. Louis
The first reunion was in the St. Louis area, since that is were we orginally planned it and there are many family members there.

The second reunion was to be in Ohio but the new committee never planned for it, so the 2010 reunion never took place. The orginal committee started it again and St. Louis was picked again for a centralized location and a great venue.

We as all family members to get on the next committee and have the reunion wherever they see fit. It is a Family Affair.  Please get involved.
3. Do we need to bring Food or Drinks?
The fee you pay includes all the food and drinks.  You are welcome to bring anything else you may want to eat or drink for your personal needs.